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Chapter One(1) Ice Cherry:Helene

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February when snow began to thraw was the blossom of ice cherries.Flowers of ice cherries were whiter than snow and more crystalline than ice.If you stood far enough,you would find that the flowers looked like clouds.When wet cold wind blew,world was suffused with scent and petals flew everywhere. So after snowing,it rained flowers here.
A petal fell in my right hand,and gradually dissolved.
I knew,Helene would appeared under the oldest ice cherry tree.

Helene White was the daughter of White Gods' King.Her beauty became a legend because of what bards sang:
golden hair was like flowing sunshine
She was mysterious and tender
If world was endless night
She must be the only light
But I know,she was only innocent,innocent like a child.
A lot of angels had gathered under the tree,and looked at her expectantly.
"Could you please sing a song for us,Helene?"A sweet sound said.It was a delicate-looking angel who had crystal green eyes and green hair.I suddenly recalled that her name was Wendy Nightingale,and she was an elfish angel.
Helene smiled,but I found a little sadness on her face.Taking the Elf Lute that Wendy handed to her,the holiest music in this world flowed under her hands.
"When the final light was wiped out by night
Your figure was out of my sight
Past that had been lost can not find
Even though my love was able to transcend time

Missing you again,before I forgot
The aurora blur the sky
North wind skimmed the face in my mind
Loving you was what a beautiful mistake
Like our broken promise
Love illusion
Disappear before we touch each other"
"Humans' love song?"Wendy askd.The smile on her face seemed to be stiff at a moment,but I was if it was my illusion.
"It's not your style,Helene."she said softly.

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