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First industry review...

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Hooray, a reviewer has made it all the way through my book and they have nice things to say! (Always had that little fear in the back of my head... a bad case of the 'what ifs')

"Quest of the Demon is a rewarding high fantasy novel with an uncluttered and unoffending style that should be perfect for the younger reader."

Not 5 Stars (3) but I'm still really happy Thanks to Ant. from SF Book for his valuable time!

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  1. N. E. White's Avatar
    Oh! That's an excellent review! He/she only had good things to say. Congrats!!
  2. MLSawyer's Avatar
    Thanks! I'm additionally excited just to have such a well read person get through my book let alone say nice things! I've sent promo copies and free ebook vouchers out to a good 15 people around the world so I'm preparing for the worst but hoping for the best!
  3. Andrez's Avatar
    Nice review! I like the reference to Enid Blyton's Magic Faraway Tree as my mum read that to me when I was a wee tacker. Congrats - great to get a positive review!!

    BTW, I'm from Melbourne too!