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Romance in fantasy

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I admit, I've never been a fan of romance in fantasy, although if it fits the plot, I certainly don't mind it. Now I find myself needing to include a romantic subplot in my fantasy novel, and I'm not quite sure I know how I feel about it.

Writing the kissy, emotional scenes doesn't bother me. I don't plan to include anything R rated, so if my characters do end up in bed, it'll be behind a closed door. What makes me squirm is the need for it in the first place. For those who know the story of Gavin Kinshield, it makes perfect sense that he would need to find a wife -- and quickly (in case he croaks). In fact, omitting it altogether would be completely illogical from a story standpoint. Glossing over a subplot is, well, not who I am as a writer. If I'm going to include it, it has to be an integral part of the story. It has to pull its own weight.

Yet, I hesitate. When I ask myself why, the only answer that comes to mind is that "romance doesn't belong in fantasy." I know, I know. It's a subjective preference, one that many other fantasy readers share. Will they forgive me this one indulgence? Will I forgive myself?

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  1. N. E. White's Avatar
    Just do it. Get it out of your system. You can always cut it later.
  2. MLSawyer's Avatar
    Poor Gavin. I liked his body guard (for lack of a better word coming to mind this early in the morning) Daina was it? She was my favorite... Aulso liked Brauna the Blade, she would be young and probably more ready for the child baring duties of being a queen while Daina looks like one day she'd be more of a Kings indesgression should the plot ever develop that way...
  3. kcmay's Avatar
    I'm actually introducing a new character as the love interest. (The woman Gavin's sister-in-law has been trying to set him up with.) That gives me an opportunity to get Daia to either admit she has feelings for Gavin or be happy she made the choice she did.

    I enjoy making characters face their inner truths, but I don't like them to dwell. They need to face the music and start marching. heh.