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GRRM Has Made Me See the Light

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So Iíve read the first seven of Terry Goodkindís Sword of Truth books after watching and enjoying the TV show Legend of the Seeker which was based (loosely) on those books.


Donít judge me.

Of the seven I read, I really enjoyed two (Stone of Tears and Soul of the Fire) I thought three were okay (Wizardís First Rule, Blood of the Fold and Faith of the Fallen) and I really hated the other two (Temple of the Winds and The Pillars of Creation). After finishing The Pillars of Creation and thanking God that the torment was over (it took me over 4 weeks to finish. Brutal!) I read a couple RA Salvatore books and then dove into A Game of Thrones by George RR Martin.


A great book which I enjoyed thoroughly from cover to cover. This book also took me over four weeks to finish. More like five. But the difference between Thrones and Pillars is that I took my time and savored the 700+ pages of Thrones as opposed to not wanting to pick up Pillars. I went back to reread certain passages of Thrones that really struck a cord with me (ďAnd Grey Wind threw back his head and howled.Ē). When something happened that may have been hinted at previously, I had to find that previous scene and read it again. I donít do those things often, but I did them a lot with this book. I havenít enjoyed a read this much since R. Scott Bakkerís The Warrior Prophet, which is a bold statement because in my opinion Bakkerís work is second to none. Will GRRMís series measure up to Bakkerís? If the subsequent books are as good as Thrones it certainly will.

Itís also fun to geek out while watching HBOís awesome adaptation because I already know what is coming. ďCool thereís Ghost!Ē and ďYeah, choke on THAT Viserys!Ē The book is full of characters you love and those you hate. Sometimes the hate is stronger than the love, though. Yeah, Iím talking to you, Joffrey.

Iím on page 58 of Goodkindís Naked Empire and Iím not liking it at all. Iím really stubborn, so I always finish a book that I started, and since I already invested a lot of time into reading the first seven Sword of Truth books, I really wanted to finish off the last four and complete the series. But you know what? Screw that. Iím done with Goodkind and his repetitive, tired plots which he seems to recycle from book to book.

And what does all this have to do with GRRM making me see the light? Mr. Martin has shown me that life is too short to read shitty books.

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  1. N. E. White's Avatar
    Mr. Martin has shown me that life is too short to read shitty books.

    The older you get, the more true this becomes.
  2. 3rdI's Avatar
    life is too short to read shitty books.
    Now THAT should be on a t-shirt!

    Speaking of Bakker had you read TWLW yet? 1000 pounds of epic awesomeness.

    As for Martin he is a talented cat. I have been a bit rough on him because of the delay with ADWD but the first three books are very good indeed.
  3. Spears&Buckler's Avatar
    TWLW is coming up soon. I have high expectations for it as I usually really like 2nd books in series. I am sure it will not disappoint. Martin may be a talented cat, but my man Scott is uber-talented. But I'm preaching to the choir right?
  4. 3rdI's Avatar
    Indeed brother preach on. I promise TWLW will not disappoint. As you said before my friend...Scott can write his freakin face off lol
  5. A. Lynn's Avatar
    Ahh, I didn't know Game of Thrones was out on HBO but I eagerly anticipated it after the end of Boardwalk Empire.

    Books are always better than video however.

    It's wonderful to note that the archaic predecessor still outshines media of the modern day. Gutenberg, rest in peace.