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Reaffirmation of a Quitter

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It has been quite some time since I've laid eyes upon these pages, but I know I've missed this place.

I've taken to listening to Mur Lafferty's "I Should Be Writing" podcasts (very enjoyable by the way) and in her last release she asked the world to write down what activities in their day were important to them in honesty (as in,don't write down what you THINK should be important, but write down what it is you actually DO with your time). Any moments you have in between those priorities, or anything at the bottom of the list for that matter, may be firmly replaced by time spent writing. The idea truly floored me.

Then, right after that came Dave Ramsey's latest episode and it was a unique show in that it had a guest speaker, Mr. Jon Acuff who has recently published the new book of "Quitter," a piece about reaffirming your dreams with practicality. Since most of us live in the real world where we cannot just quit our day jobs to suffice our fantasies about being a published author, majority of us have to find a way to sneak writing time in the folds of life as we can. Again, I was floored... not just at Jon Acuff's words but at the fact that they came riding upon the heels of Mur Lafferty's words was a strange and serendipitous indeed.

I myself am still in college, and during the semesters my time obviously must be spent differently than those rare and cherished breaks that I do receive. Therefore, the priorities are written as follows:

1. Homework
2. Day Job (File this one down under "Necessary Evil"
3. Relationship
4. Sleeeeep..... (when possible)
5. Wind-Down Time (if even for an hour, this could be where I Should Be Writing.)
6. Drawing,Writing, Animating,ETC

If it takes only an hour a day to eventually write a book.. then let's self-actualize for an hour everyday.

Good luck and God speed to all of us.

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