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9/16: Advance Guard Line Feed

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Continuing the series this week of Tweet feeds themed with The Advance Guard, currently on sale through Amazon, yesterday's feed was the author's choice of best 10 lines from the book. Without further ado, here they are. Take them as you will, but remember that most of them are taken out of context: they were selected based on their intangible qualities, such as the intensity of emotion they portray, if they made me laugh while I wrote them, or they just strike me as seriously badass lines.

And away we go!

From Chapter 1: "There has always been, and will always be, a Guardsman."

From Chapter 5: Gabriel backed away. "You needed the basic skills ..."
"I didn't need this! I needed a normal damned life!"

From Chapter 10: His fists closed, every muscle in his body wanting to clench at once.

From Chapter 12: Her eyes flickered, the last sight before them Durga's face, the last sensation Durga's lips on her own.

From Chapter 12: Birds fluttered out of the trees, frightened by the cat woman's ear-shattering scream.

From Chapter 15: "Damn, still a cat. Come on, I did what you asked!"

From Chapter 17: "[...]I have a guest asleep on the couch."
The older man raised an eyebrow. "Wow. Fast work."

From Chapter 17: The warm water beaded on her skin, running down her body in rivers like rain on a freshly waxed car.

From Chapter 24: "This is East Indian power, I've got Western European. They might be compatible, they might not."

From Chapter 25: "Now I know how the guys feel, having something extra in your pants tends to be awkward after a while."

I'll be posting the next Tweet feed shortly. Expect a re-post in this blog after it gets replayed late tonight, probably tomorrow afternoon. In the meantime, to find out where the lines fit into context, buy the book!

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