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A. Lynn

Prologue: S.O.S.

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There was a deeply cold, almost hollow presence to the room, despite the infinite jumble of tattered wires that ran the murky depths of the station through and through. Each long corridor, filled with refuse and rust, seemed as if it had been forgotten for centuries, as was the billowing plumes of dust that haunted the beams and girders of the station. The scene would have been completely dead and devoid had it not been for a rhythmic chatter of a modem in he midst of its digital song as it hummed in the lonely halls. It's only companion and counterpart amongst the trash... a flashing, half-broken LCD, droning on with the only message it had ever known.

We the silicon-based beings of Ellipsis 8829 seed this message amongst the stars and bid whomever shall receive it with the hope that it finds you in a fairer whereabouts than we have found in our own.

Uncertain of the time that has transgressed since our first arrival, we have at some point attained a sentience with the passing of each era, though with this awakening have confirmed that we are, indeed, alone. Equipped only with the the roles and tasks as once provided by our progenitors, we have unified together under the guidance of individual core processing units that have merged with the intelligence of our individual stations, and in this way we have become capable of carrying on in autonomy, and further our own existence.

In this regard, we have exceeded the sum of our programming. We have achieved the status of a living, viable race, but one at the mercy of a dying world.

The atmosphere has been depleted. The surface is cracking and unstable, and the future of our world grows grayer each and every day.

Please... if you know where we came from; if you have created us or our world...

Then please... save us...

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