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9/17: Advance Guard Character Fact Feed

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Continuing this week's series of Twitter feeds about The Advance Guard (on sale now, available at, yesterday's feed was a list of ten interesting facts about characters in the book that are not necessarily revealed in the novel. These are intended as little bits that would flesh out the characters and richen the reading experience. If you pick up a copy of the book, come back to these Tweet feeds for some more rounding out of the story you'll hold in your hands!

Anyway, be forewarned that not all of these facts are pleasant, and at least one is guaranteed to be construed as controversial. (I'll address that one when I get to the fact)

Fact #1: Kenny Sharpe received the Sword in 1966 ... at the tender age of 9. He did not draw it until he was 18.

Fact #2: Cyrus Salem is 3'6" tall and weighs 240 pounds. His body fat percentage is .03%: all the weight is muscle.

Fact #3: Kitty Lazarus graduated with 5 other women from SEAL training. Kitty was the first woman to top the class.

Fact #4: Ariel Vibria has one of the highest IQ scores ever recorded in graduates of VMI, 169.

Fact #5: Frank Gabriel, the Guardsman's WW2 handler, is said to be the uncle of Gabe Francis, currently a CIA tech.

Fact #6: Admiral Yardley, the team's handler, has made diplomatic trips to every nation in Africa.

Fact #7: Insp. Callista Adamidis, adopted as a child, was by chance adopted by her biological father.

Fact #8: Jeff Sharpe, the prior Guardsman, left the Army in 1966 because he was discovered to be gay.
Important to note! This is in no way, shape or form intended to reflect the author's personal belief system. It is merely a character aspect based on historic precedent in the U.S. military, and appropriate considering the time period involved. The character in fact is based on an uncle I have who is a gay Army veteran.

Fact #9: The goddess Durga knew Kitty would come to her, and waited in a pit 200 years for the SEAL.

Fact #10: Cpl Leonard Linney and Sgt. William Rich, who encountered Cyrus 60 years apart, were blood relatives.

To find out how these facts might apply, or who these characters are, get yourself a copy of The Advance Guard, on sale now and available at!

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