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9/18: Advance Guard Villain Feed (and Memes!)

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Continuing with my series of blogs collecting my daily Tweet feeds in support of The Advance Guard (on sale now, available at, yesterday featured two feeds. The primary feed was one about the book's villain characters, which while they hold a big piece of the story are not really a big focus in the narrative ... I like to think that it's more about my protagonists and their individual crises, as opposed to being a straight-up "let's beat up villains" story.

In addition, just for fun I posted a five-part "AG Memes" feed, with my limp attempts at creating new Internet memes by using brief, pithy lines from the book. That one is just a lark.

Anyway, here's the feeds for the day!

Villains Feed

AG Villain #1: Zamhareer. He attacks Kenny Sharpe and his girlfriend. He might make Kenny draw the Sword for the 1st time.

AG Villain #2: Jahannam. Cyrus Salem chases him for eighty years, but he's too quick. Maybe too quick to kill.

AG Villain #3: Mahishiasura. Eternal adversary to Durga, only a god can kill him. But what about her tiger?

AG Villain #4: Dr. Benjamin Gerard. What he does to Ariel is more monstrous than any demon's rage.

AG Villain #5: Sheol. Hiding on holy ground, devouring monks. It'll take all four to beat her like her family.

Villain Fact #1: Zamhareer, Jahannam, Mahishasura and Sheol comprise an entire family (husband, son, brother, wife).

Villain Fact #2: Dr. Gerard is latest in a long line of mad scientists, w/names from Frankenstein to Sevarius.

Villain Fact #3: Sheol has faced down eight previous Guardsmen and survived. She has killed four.

Villain Fact #4: Mahishasura really does appear in Hindu tradition. He also is really the adversary of Durga.

Villain Fact #5: Sheol thinks she is mother of all dragons, which makes her meeting with Ariel awkward.

Meme Feed

Meme #5: Cyrus, "Normalcy is so overrated."

Meme #4: Eunice Sharpe, "I'll find new and creative ways to hurt you."

Meme #3: Cyrus (with a nod to Steve Jackson Games), "Sorry, you're not cleared for that."

Meme #2: Kitty, "I feel fine, I just look like Garfield with a sex change."

Meme #1: Ken Sharpe, "... this time we go in battle-ready, full-on."

For more on these villains or to find the context for these memes, pick up a copy of The Advance Guard, on sale now at!

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