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Book Bible Blog - Mind Pilots

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Originally they were referred to as Linkers, now they’re known as Mind Pilots. Their abilities aren’t specifically geared towards the piloting of space faring vessels but with the odds stacked heavily in their favour their exploits at the helm of powerful spacecraft seem heroic to the masses when aired on the media channels.

A rare genetic anomaly that has proven not to be hereditary and impossible to reproduce by geneticists, legally or otherwise, instantly transforms a minute number of individual’s lives beyond recognition. Parents across the galaxy test their offspring at birth hoping for wealth beyond their dreams; the search for the Pilot gene is the biggest lottery in the known universes. The most controversial aspect of the Pilot gene is that it only appears in males. Equal opportunity has existed throughout mankind for millennia. The discovery of the gene and the benefactors exploits in the void returned the attitude towards women back to those last exhibited in the twentieth centuries. Thankfully these attitudes are only really displayed in the playground of the Pilots, uncivilised violent areas of the void.

The fortunate few blessed with the Pilot gene possess the ability to link via a basic neural implant to the plethora of advanced technology available to humankind. With vast resources and unlimited processing power at their disposal Pilots are able to undertake intellectual feats that the rest of humankind could only dream of. However, few of those with the capability focus upon a lifetime of scientific endeavour. Most head into the void to pursue a life of adventure and excess.

The Linker’s exploits in the void gave birth to the term Mind Pilot. With the ability to directly interface with even the largest vessels Pilots can outperform the best crews employing the latest tech. Pilots often take on vastly superior odds and emerge from an engagement without a scratch. Multitasking at the native speed of the systems under their control enable the Pilots to perform manoeuvres beyond the coordination of any conventional crew. These escapades masquerading as heroics capture the imagination of the genetically challenged elevating Pilots to the ranks of contemporary Gods.

The scarcity of Pilots allows them to command vast sums of credit for their services, which in turn grants them the ultimate prize, immortality! Clones are heavily restricted and costly, only the powerful and wealthy can obtain a carbon copy of themselves. These carbon copies lie in stasis awaiting the latest imprint of their owner’s minds. With technology providing pilots with superhuman powers and immortality it’s little wonder that the vast human population of the known universes look upon Pilots as contemporary Gods.

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