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Book Bible Blog - Wormhole Gates.

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A Wormhole gate uses the principles of the Alcubierre drive to create an energy tunnel to another point in space many light years away. Space craft are able to navigate through these short tunnels in minutes and emerge from the far side light years from their last real space coordinates.

Two gates are required to create a wormhole. If the tunnel isnít terminated in a stable manner the destination isnít guaranteed as an untethered wormhole behaves in a similar way to a disconnected high voltage cable, where the current tries to find the least resistant path to ground. The violent reactions when connecting to random objects causes the cable to flip around unpredictably until the current stops or it welds itself to suitable material.

Pairs of gates are calibrated to each other when under construction. The two gates are aware of the others exact coordinates in space time. When a gate senses a distortion originating from its partner gate it initiates a tunnel. Both tunnels whip around in space time for a short period until laws of attraction cause them to collide. On collision both energy tunnels extend along each other as the opposing tunnel is the path of least resistance. Eventually the tunnels are terminated at the far end gates where huge buffers dissipate the incoming energy flow. The tunnels are terminated on enormous ring like structures. Once the wormhole gate has determined that the tunnel is stable the electromagnetically shielded iris used to prevent explosive energy feedback opens, allowing ships to pass through the tunnel.

The tunnels are created by initiating a dark energy bubble. As with a ship based Alcubierre drive, antimatter is injected into a black hole in order to create dark energy. The bubble is formed by employing an AEG. The final stage is the injection of the energy tunnel at the exact point at the edge of the bubble. The energy tunnel is fashioned in a similar manner to a ships energy shield; a web of plasma is created using a second AEG and then projected along the meniscus of the dark energy bubble.

The wormhole generator works on exactly the same principles as an FTL drive, except the scale is much larger and hence the power requirements are substantial. The physical bulk of a wormhole gate is mainly made up of numerous SPG arrays. These arrays combined with the huge amount of raw plasma being employed for the tunnel, the larger singularities needed to cover the distances involved, the gigantic AEGs, and the immense dark energy bubbles are why gates considered to be a serious threat to life in the event of a catastrophic failure. For this reason wormhole gates are constructed light years away from habitable planets. There hasnít been a catastrophic failure to date, therefore the full extent of the aftermath can only be estimated.

Wormhole gates also provide quantum communication backbone links as well as transit logging facilities in the civilized systems. Transit logging produces useful metrics for universal administration as well as tracking for security purposes. Irisí have been known to remain closed in quarantine situations, extreme criminal apprehension cases, and in various disaster scenarios. Gates place a lot of power in Federal hands; they record and restrict physical movement and communications.

In the uncivilized systems the gates are often installed without an iris or transit logging facilities. The return on investment in such regions is considered to be poor, hence facilities tend to be basic. The uncvilised systems are home to large criminal organizations that have been known to construct their own gates from stolen and second hand parts. Use of these gates is inadvisable due to their unstable nature and patronage.

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