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Book Bible Blog - Communicating in the void.

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Quantum communications are based upon Quantum Entanglement. Particles that have interacted and become entangled in the past will continue to interact when separated by distance. A change in a particle’s state will be mirrored in the entangled particle, regardless of distance. For instance the polarisation of two separated previously interacting photons. This photon can be referred to as Qubit. A series of Qubit states can be used to transmit information almost instantaneously. A photonic qubit can vertically polarised or horizontally polarised (two-state quantum-mechanical system). Considering two states can exist at once, a cubit is an efficient communication mechanism.

The problem is how do you ensure all particles were linked previously? The Federal Communications Bureau assigns Entangled Photonic Cells (EPCs) to the producers of communication relays. The source of the EPCs is a stabilised black hole which traps incoming photons. The photon sphere has zero thickness and any photons travelling at a tangent will become trapped in a circular orbit. However, these orbits are unstable and any disturbance caused by incoming matter will escape the photon sphere and either cross the event horizon or escape outwards towards a photon collector. The photons that escape exhibit Quantum Entanglement not only with other photons existing within the photon sphere at the same time but with all photons that have entered the sphere previously

Obviously there is an issue where all systems in the universe will receive all state changes. This led to slow take up as useful communications device for the masses. During the intial conquest of space, quantum communications was restricted between planetary governments and regulated heavily. When mankind delved further into the void the restrictions of quantum communications became evident. Distance and radiation have a drastic affect upon quantum entanglement. Quantum communication came into it’s own with the inception of the wormhole gate. It was discovered that a quantum channel could be set up between gates at either side of a stable wormhole. Gates are far enough apart to stop quantum cross talk but can bridge communications over light years reliably.

Wormhole gates became the communication relays for all instellar communication. However, gates were not pevalent enough to establish an efficient network so the generic communications gateway was created. These gateways are added to installations large enough to pwoer them. Micro-wormholes are created periodically to local gateways in order to distribute communication. Plantetary installations and large space hubs became the local nodes for the quantum network with the gates providing the backbone communication links. Network congestion is enforced by distance and schedule.

With the problem of long range communication solved and short range left to good old radio wave derivative technology that just left intermediate range communications. The time delay experienced within in a single solar system still proved to be prohibitive. Engineers turned to FTL technology to solve the problem. Micro wormholes solved the problem of long distance communication micro Alcubierre drives solved the issue of delay over intermediate ranges. High frequency microwaves are injected at the sweet spot at the edge of a large but extremely weak dark energy bubble. The size of the bubble dictates the range of the signal. A sizeable bubble is extremely difficult to maintain at low power; Increasing the power causes interference, therefore the trick is in stabilising a large fields at low power.

With encryption engines, priority tagging and a wide range of protocols available across the various methods of communication, communicating throughout the void is extremely complex.

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