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Book concepts - Weaponry.

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Pulsed Energy Projectile.

An intense pulse of laser energy ablates the surface of the target creating exploding plasma. The weapon causes surface damage due to heat and a small amount of kinetic damage due to the force of the explosion. An EM field is also produced, which affects electronics and causes nerve pain in humans. Anti-personnel weapons can be used to stun opponents at low power levels, leaving just a small burn.

Projectile Weapons.

Projectile weapons are still in common use, despite their ancient origin, due to the wide range of effects that can be delivered; overloading shield systems with a multitude of damage effects in one burst. Most rounds used now in larger calibre weapons have guidance systems, which allow them to adjust their flight path. These smart bullets are in reality small missiles in ancient terms, but contemporary missiles are far more advanced. High end weapons system AIs are required to deploy anti-personnel smart bullets. This restricts their usage to Pilots, Battle Suit users, and vehicle mounted anti-personel weapons. Projectile weapons are popular among the less well financed forces due to cost effectiveness.

Plasma Beam Weapons.

Rather than use energy to create exploding plasma at the targets surface, the plasma beam weapon releases a stream of superheated plasma at its target. These beams can cause huge amounts of damage as the beam cuts deep. Plasma beam weapons due to their high power requirements are usually restricted to larger vehicles or space craft. Occasionally an upgraded Battle Suit may be equipped with smaller versions. The power restrictions also limit their rate of fire.

Particle Beam Weapons.

Using particle accelerator technology these weapons produce a stream of neutral particles moving at the speed of light. These particles cause a tremendous amount of kinetic energy at an atomic level. The power requirements for a particle beam weapons are even greater than for the plasma beams therefore limiting their use to space craft and large static emplacements such as planetary defence. They do retain a high rate of fire as a large build up of energy is not required to create heat, a burst is enough to fire the particles.


The actual term when using the word maser with respect to weaponry should be megamaser. Megamasers are extremely powerful beams of energised atoms that have been excited by microwave. These atoms emit intense electromagnetic radiation, which produce varied heating effects on contact with matter. The other characteristic of a maser is the extreme luminosity it produces along the beam of atoms. This intense beam of light sometimes leads to a maser being identified as a laser by less scientific types. This because the layman understand laser’s to work within the spectrum of light. Unfortunately most people don’t realise the light isn’t visible until a portion of the lasers spectrum is reflected by a surface. The megamaser is an extremely powerful weapon and like other atomic based weaponry needs extensive powerplant infrastructure. This limits the weapon to space craft and large static emplacements such as planetary defence.

Rail Guns.

The rail gun is an old but very effective technology. Projectiles of conductive material are launched along rails by electro-magnetic energy. These projectiles can be tipped with a variety of warheads to produce differing effects. Rail guns for the amount of energy expended are extremely powerful. They fire rounds at high speed and have a high rate of fire due to their mechanical simplicity. Rounds due to their speed impact with huge amounts of kinetic energy.

Laser Weapons.

Laser weapons have been around for a long time and tend to be used only as anti-personel weapons after being rendered obsolete. These weapons create intense bursts of heat but not to the extent of the pulsed energy projectile. They’re considered to be anti-social as they maim, dismember and cause horrific heat injuries leaving their victims in excruciating pain rather than killing them outright. Wounding rather than killing soldiers has a psychological and logistical impact upon a force.

Missiles and Rockets.

Missiles are no longer simple guided warheads. Contemporary missiles are akin to small AI warships capable of many things. With differing payloads and limitless mission parameters they’re the most versatile weapon in any armoury. A torpedo is now just a term for a large calibre missile. Whereas missile development has been extensive the same cannot be said for rockets. Rockets are still simple fire and forget trajectory based munitions.

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