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Book Bible Blog - The Anti-Gravity Engine.

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As resources became scarce on Terra humans took to the stars to feed their voracious appetite for materials. Manís greed ensured that conflicts started on the surface were pursued vigorously into the void.

The level of technology attained at the time of manís entry into the void constricted ships to the limits of Newtonís theories of physics. The early ships had to overcome their mass to change direction, which exhausted huge amounts of fuel. Mass became the primary design constraint for space going craft. Fuel, crew, crew-space, weapons, and engines all had to be traded against mass. This of course meant the life blood of the engines was restricted, which in turn limited manoeuvrability.

The lack of manoeuvrability of space based craft led to unsatisfactory outcomes during engagements and the top brass of the various military forces of the age pushed for technological advancement. Eventually a breakthrough came in the form of the Anti-gravity Engine. This device negated the mass of the surrounding ship setting it free to manoeuvre almost at will. Fuel, while still finite was now an abundant enough resource to no longer restrict combat.

An unexpected result accompanied the inception of the AGE. Crews rather than take advantage of the three-dimensional aspects of the void reverted to flying in a planar two-dimensional manner similar to Terran atmospheric flight. Those that could still grasp the concept of three-dimensional conflict prospered over their less talented brethren.

The AEG creates a graviton field around the subject negating the affect of naturally occurring gravitons in the subjectís environment. Manipulating the density of the graviton field allows the subjects mass to be changed with respect to its surroundings.

The first AEGs had to be coupled with large traditional fission based nuclear reactors to supply the huge amount of energy needed to maintain a graviton field. The energy consumption was so great that the AEG was only activated when undertaking a manoeuvre. The AEG itself held the key to the future of high energy power sources, they would play an instrumental role in Singularity Containment Fields. The Singularity Power Generator would power the expansion of the human race across the universe.

The Anti-gravity Engine was the first technological step on humankindís journey into the universe.

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