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Book Bible Blog - Singularity Power Generator (SPG).

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The advent of the Anti-gravity Engine (AGE) revolutionised space flight. It also allowed man to harness the greatest power in the universe, the black hole.

The black hole is a hugely destructive force. However, tamed by man it has fuelled his conquest of space. A black hole is made of material so dense that it absorbs even light. Its extensive mass creates gravitational fields so great that entire planets are dragged to their doom. The mass is also an unparalleled source of energy. The black hole’s mass diminishes over time emitting Hawking radiation as it dies. This radiation is converted into electrical charge, which is used to power Ion Engines directly (enabling them to become a viable main power plant for space craft) or devices such as an AGE.

AGEs are exceptionally power hungry they need an SPG to be useful for extended periods. Without an SPG the AGE has to be pulsed on and off when needed. The AGE and Singularity Power Generator (SPG) have a symbiotic relationship. For an SPG to exist an AGE is needed to create a null gravitational field in order to contain the micro black hole at an SPG’s centre.

Micro black holes are created in gigantic particle accelerators hundreds of thousands of miles long. The accelerators are usually constructed near large power sources such as gas giants. Once created the black hole is captured within a containment field with an AGE as its main component. A power feedback loop is created and the black hole powers its own containment field.

The symbiotic nature of the SPG and AGE would appear to be a disaster waiting to happen. However, a micro black hole is unsustainable and once released from a null gravity field it evaporates instantaneously. There is a substantial release of uncontrolled energy but no more than any other type of reactor when suffering a catastrophic failure. The nature of a collapsing null gravity field slows the energy release when a failure occurs mitigating the destructive force of an SPG melt down. This phenomenon has prevented the exploitation of micro black holes as weapons in the face of far more efficient killing machines.

The SPG allowed man to dump dirty power sources such as fission and fusion. Spacecraft no longer need constant refuelling extending mankind’s reach into the cosmos.

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