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The University of Life (UOL).

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The University of Life (UOL) came into being during manís early conquest of space. The UOL emerged from manís earliest official Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence the SETI Institute. SETI was a non-profit corporation sponsored by technology companies and other scientific institutions. The proliferation of man throughout the solar-system and advances in space based technology increased interest in the universe and consequentially, funding.

SETI relaunched itself as the University of Life. The UOL expanded its scientific remit into any field that could be pursued in the void but their real goal was first contact. Their quest to preside over manís first contact with alien life reached fever pitch, mankind believed for eons that first contact was imminent. Time and the conquest of vast tracts of space failed to produce proof of alien life. Man became jaded with the frutiless search, coupled with the amount of organisations pursuing scientific discovery in the void, the University of Life struggled for relevance. In a risky venture the UOL consolidated their efforts and resources to concentrate on the creation of life. Where Gods failed the UOL planned to succeed.

Terra-forming had been a basic affair despite mankindís huge advances in science. Life for human beingís beyond the surface of Terra consisted of low gravity moon bases, artificial gravity space stations or in rare cases where a planetís gravity was within livable parameters, sealed planet side habitats. The UOL quickly realised the secret to terra-forming was gravity. With gravity came an atmosphere, with an atmosphere came life.

The Anti-gravity Engine (AGE) had solved so many of mans problems but itís role in terra-forming ensured mankindís future among the stars. A gigantic AGE powered by a planetís core or SPG array can regulate a gravitational field capable of encompassing an entire planet and surrounding space. With a suitable solution to gravitational inconsistencies the UOL quickly put in place the other building blocks required for the creation of life.

The crowning glory of the UOLís achievements was the delivery mechanism for the planetary AGE and the seeds of life, the Gaia Probe. This monumental machine travels the galaxies looking for suitable donor planets. Once a suitable planet is found the Gaia probe deploys itís precious cargoes over a period of years turning barron hostile environments into ecosystems teaming with new life. Terra is no longer the only celestial body able to support human life.

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