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Book Bible Blog - The Gaia Probe.

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The Gaia probe is the UOL‘s greatest achievement and the saviour of mankind from the tedium of the lifeless and inhospitable void. These gigantic autonomous probes scour the galaxy looking for suitable donor planets.

The UOL determined that the two basic elements required for kick starting life upon barren rocks are gravity and atmosphere, with the latter relying upon the former. The Gaia probe creates both elements within human parameters and additionally, seeds the basic building blocks of life.

When a Gaia probe lands upon a donour planet the colossal craft splits into its two constituent parts. The lower portion drills to the planet’s core tapping into the thermal power found there in order to operate a gigantic AEG. The AGE is calibrated to provide a stable sphere of gravity within human tolerances which encompasses the entire planet. Once a stable gravity field has been established the upper module that remains on the service pours life giving gases into the atmosphere and catalyses elements present within the field to create a breathable atmosphere. With gravity and an atmosphere created the Gaia releases bacteria and other basic life forms into the newly created environment. These life forms are genetically enhanced to evolve at rapid rates.

Within a decade a donor planet is teaming with basic fauna and flora but to prevent runaway evolution the Gaia probe is required to intervene once more. The probe curtails the possibility of rampant dangerous lifeforms by releasing a virus that curtails and eradicates the genetic key for rapid evolution.

There are occasions where a donour planet has become inhospitable due to the flora and fauna installed there. These occasions are rare and can be usually corrected through genetic manipulation. Many worlds contain species dangerous to man but not on a scale that requires genetic intervention.

These worlds sit in the void awaiting the arrival of man. Slight variations in environment produce radically different results and the life from planet to planet is as diverse as Terra. Where God failed mankind met with success turning barren galaxies into havens for life.

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