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Book Bible Blog - Rock4678.

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The planet designated Rock4678 was discovered 40 years before a human set foot on it by a UOL Gaia probe. The probe had journeyed through the void for 50 years prior to its discovery. Twice the size of Terra it was well within the capabilities of the planetary AGE to tame its gravitational forces. The development of fauna and flora has been much more difficult to achieve. The planet dwells within a dark region. Dark regions are ancient areas of space where the suns are dying. The light cast by these ageing suns lack intensity. Life struggles to fuel itself in the subdued rays. The majority of the planets surface is a temperate zone, that forms a band around the equator. The power lacking in the suns rays means the poles are extensive. Around 30 percent of the planets surface is covered permanently in ice and snow. The long seasons very little.

The time spans for day and night are roughly twice that of Terra. At the north pole this can mean a year of darkness. Day comes in the form of a dull bluish light. The seven moons can be seen a various times during day and night as dark blue orbs in the sky. The seas of Rock4678 can be unpredictable due to the alignment cycles of seven large orbital bodies.

Rock4678 still carries its astronomical identifier rather than a name as it lays within the unregulated region Sigma. Sigma is only now undergoing colonisation by the vast Corporations under the watchful eye of the Federal Administration. Rock4678 currently houses a UMC mining facility. If the endeavour meets with success itís likely a colony will follow leading to the renaming of Rock4678.

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