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Book Bible Blog - The Neural implant.

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The neural implant sets the Mind Pilots apart from other humans; only a pilot can interface with the nanotech implants. Interfacing with the implant takes no more effort than opening and closing a hand for a pilot. The ability comes naturally to those with the gift. This gift has been attributed to a genetic anomaly although the theory has yet to been proven as the anomaly has been found to be impossible to replicate.

The bulk of the implant sits in the abdomen. The main CPU, memory store, power cell and communications module are too large to sit in the brain cavity despite being nanotech in nature. A sub-processor sits in the neocortex, the area of the brain that deals with higher brain functions. Nanofilaments stem from the sub-processor into the frontal, parietal, occipital and, temporal lobes. These filaments interact with the brainís neurons, carrying information to and from the sub-processor. A bundle of these filaments form the main data bus that runs down through the spinal cord and interconnects the sub-processor to the main implant hardware. The bus also terminates on the spinal interface socket used for direct physical connectivity with external hardware.

The implant not only allows access to various networks and hardware on demand but also enhances a pilotís senses. The pilotís perception of time can be slowed in order to improve his reaction time. Sensory inputs can be displayed on the ocular nanomembrane along with other visual affects creating a HUD to aid the pilot in combat situations. The memory banks can be used to store a vast array of applications such as security breaching software. In some cases the packages are too large to run within the confines of the neural implantís resources. Security software is a good example. The complexity of security algorithms has escalated to the stage where high end server farms are needed to crunch the numbers even with advances in quantum computing. The neural implant can be used to commandeer resources to assist the pilot in running advanced high end but resource hungry applications.

The neural implant gives the Mind Pilot an edge a normal human can hope to compete with.

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