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Book Bible Blog - How it all started.

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It all started when I purchased the dreaded Kindle. I know what some people think about the Kindle but it revolutionised my reading habits. There is an obvious joke there, which Iím guessing is what the marketing guys intended. Actually, attributing my new found interest to the Kindle is inaccurate. I should give credit to my ex-girlfriend who is now my best friend. We decided to take a holiday on a quite Greek Island called Naxos. Itís not as popular as some resorts and visiting out of season made for a very relaxing holiday.

I used to be an avid reader as a child but undertaking an MSc in my spare time while holding down a full time job put me off reading for a while. It seemed too much like study. My ex-partner loves reading and she took a mountain of books on holiday, therefore I was looking at some major thumb twiddling time. I borrowed Shantaram from her to stave off the boredom. I have to admit I had also noticed in recent months I could barely hold a conversation anymore. I used to have an excellent vocabulary but years away from books reduced me to a grunting Neanderthal. Motive and opportunity, a recipe for a major change in attitude towards reading. I rattled through Shantaram in no time; Iím a very fast reader. Polishing off Neil Gaimanís American Gods and Walter Moersí book, Rumo & His Miraculous Adventureswas easy in the two weeks we had. The passion for reading had well and truly been reawakened within me.

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