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I have heard it said many times that America's Democratic Capitalist society is the best form of government around. Mostly by Republicans that wrap themselves up in their favorite illusion along with an American Flag and a big corporate donation (Democrats are just as guilty). If they are right then, why are we drowning in debt?

If this form of government works so well, why are we in debt to the tune of $45,000 per U.S. citizen, which is higher than that of a Greek citizen at $44,000? I guess that if you make a million dollars a years, $45,000 isn't so bad. However, if you make less than $45,000, well. What is worse, the accounting methodology or business model the Greeks used to get into trouble was shown to them by our own banking industry. I learned this from The Daily Show on Comedy Central, but news from 2008 on has also explained the principle facts of our situation.

What I especially find funny is that the implosion of Greece may have a similiar effect on Europe as our failing banks had on us. In addition, like our problems affected the world, so may the worlds problems come back to us. Our children come to roost. The sad part is that we keep allowing the minority that is benefitting the most from these issues to scare us into letting them continue doing this to us. I just have to shake my head.

As Yakov Smirnoff used to say "America,...What a Country!"

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