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'The Mark of the Gate' preface

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There is a window that sits between the world we all accept and that niggling something else we feel but canít explain; the feeling that someone or something is waiting for you in the darkness.
A movement in the corner of your eye or an anxious glance into an imaginary world you believe to be beneath your bed.
The tingle which bites into your nerves as you open the closet door giving an overwhelming and consuming fear that you are not alone!
In time you may find the strength to dismiss such thoughts, placing them behind the fragile bars of your subconscious to wait.
So do not turn away and refuse to read on for this is unlike any other tale. It is only through the turn of its pages and the openness of your mind that its true worth can be revealed. The story begins at a time when two diverse worlds did far more than tantalize each other with a suggestive touch. Instead they flowed beyond the guideline of reason, blurring the boundaries between the acceptable and unacceptable forever.
There were creatures unknown to you or me who would walk through the dark corners of our world; the guardians of the doorway between earth and Invoden, the keepers of the gate. From the beginning of time itself, at the birth of light and dark, two worlds were formed, one of evil held back by good and one of good tempted by evil. They both existed together in the same space but not time, in a never-ending balance. This was about to change.
One from the shadows would come to start the birth of a new order. His name was Phoebus, destined to become the father of hope. He was, in appearance manlike, lean but strong with wolf shaped features, eyes of compelling green, body wrapped in long furs and a mane of long black curls reaching down to the small of his back. Born of the clan Kippax in the province of Garj, he was a guardian to the Crystal of the staff, the Cryster, the power to maintain the balance between Invoden and earth. For centuries his kind had kept the Sprode from stepping from the shadows into the light of earth side and consuming all. The Sprode was bat like demons with the ability to feed on our darkest fears; cloaked in transparent flesh which draped in a veil of unrest over a heart of beating coldness. From the end of their fingertips came razor sharp claws of abandoned mercy and a presence which offered little in the way of remorse for their rightful victims. To allow a meeting of recognition would bring surrender of your humanity; for you would be left stripped down to your soul by eyes of blood red stone reflecting your worst nightmares. They wait in the caves which run beneath the swooping sands, the white plains of Invoden for their time to rise and Earthsiders to end. Devar was the high lord of such loathing beasts. This demon was no more than a dark shadow in form, yet still had such an evil presence that the most blinding good when stood beside him, would dim. He would never stop until all, from hope to faith, was gone.

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  1. noori noori's Avatar
    thxs hmhowes. very descriptive _ thx