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Game of Thrones. I'd completely lost track of the plot line, and so i've decided to start over from the beginning and read the series through. This will keep me busy for the next couple months!

I also recently got a Kindle for my birthday, and I've been loading it up with cheap or free books. I downloaded a Rudyard Kipling collection for $1.99. He's bigotted, mysogynistic, and a product of his times, but wow, the man can write. The collection is incredibly long, so I'm reading it in spurts interleaved with other things (like Game of Thrones)

Recently I finished Susan Wise Bauer's 2 history books, A History of the Ancient World and A History of the Medeival World and liked them a lot. I was specifically looking for the ancient history, because it had been bugging me that I didn't know that at all, but I found a lot of other things I didn't know also (like everything between Alexander's death and Julius Caesar). A good read and very interesting. I understand she's working on the next book, and I'm awaiting it eagerly.

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