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Sword Dreamer

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My first book,Sword Dreamer, is available for download on the Amazon Kindle, iPhone or iPod Touch.
Back cover blurb is as follows:
Young Léofric is troubled with strange visions of battle. He does not understand them until one day two warriors, an elf and a man, arrive to take him away to war. While being instructed in the ways of combat, he learns that he is the Sword Dreamer, whose visions of pending battles are necessary to bring an end to the civil war in Irminsul. He learns the sacred Elven language as part of his training and of the True King, the almighty King That Is. But can Léofric’s visions truly aid the King’s Army in defeating the vengeful and power-hungry Gollmorn and his evil army? Or will the towering Silver City of Auraheim fall under the shadow of a madman’s tyranny?
Sword Dreamer is downloadable for pc here
For Kindle, iPod Touch and iPhone, go to

To learn more about me, go to

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