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The checkout chick

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“Hello sir how are you today?” Asked the checkout chick with no reply. “Good morning sir how’s the weather outside?” A dumb look on his face appears. Oh aren’t you so chatty she thought to herself and put his groceries through. “Have a good day” she said as he left. Thank God she thought to herself and went onto the next customer.

“Hello how are you today?” “Do you really wanna know?” the customer snapped. No it’s what I have to say to all customers you idiot is what she really wanted to say. Instead she just politely smiled and carried on with her job as quickly as possible. As she was scanning she notices the rude lady rearranging her bags from the way they were packed. How would you like it if I went to your work rearranging the job you just done the checkout chick really wanted to say. “That’s $325.55 thanks” “WHAT!!! How’d it get so much?” she angrily asked. “You grabbed groceries and some are more expensive than others” the checkout chick replied. “Don’t get smart with me missy or I’ll speak to your manager when I leave.” “ You asked a question so I answered.” “THAT’S IT here’s the money shut up and put it through so I can say how RUDE you are.”Well that just didn’t help the customer at all. The checkout chick slowly putting it through, only upsetting the customer more. ‘Have a nice day” she smiled and waved waiting for her next customer to arrive.

“Good afternoon sir how are you today?” The old man with a smile on his face replies “Oh better than you I’m sure.” She smiles thinking yeah I’d rather be at home. “Do you have fly bys sir?” “No I can’t fly I don’t have wings” he amusingly answers. “That’s 8.45 sir” she tells the old man. “8.45 but it’s 1.05pm” he replies referring to the time. She gives the polite laugh but thinking you idiot. “Have a nice day sir.” “Don’t work too hard now” he responds back.

“Hi how are you today?” “Not so good my dear an elderly lady responds. “I just got out of hospital needed a hip replacement, my body doesn’t work like it used to love.” “Oh that’s not good” the checkout chick says. The old lady goes on and on about it, the checkout chick sympathetic. “That’s $25 ma’am” the checkout chick replies. “You don’t mind small change love?” “No that’s alright” the checkout chick says expecting one and two dollar coins. But instead she pours five, ten twenty and fifty cent pieces. Oh my God, the checkout chick can only look on with regret. Watching this old lady sought through her money. In the end she has to give a ten dollar note, five dollar note and the rest in small change. “Would you like help with your bags ma’am?” the checkout chick asks. “Oh if you don’t mind, thanks lovely.” So she packs the bags into the trolley. “Have a nice day.” “You too don’t work yourself too hard now.”

So the checkout chick deals with mutes. Customers who think they can do a better job than the checkout chick. Who think they are comedians. And who think they are at a bank instead of a shop. Where customers can be smart arses but the moment checkout chicks do customers want to dob them in. Yes all in a day’s work for the checkout chick.

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  1. HayleyG's Avatar
    Just a short story I thought I'd write. Hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.
  2. HayleyG's Avatar
    I posted this story 1 year ago. I only just realised my entry has been voted as one of the most popular entries. 5 stars, I can't get any better than that. So I just want to say thank you to those people who rated my story. I am so glad other people enjoyed reading it. Once again thank you.