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Polite Opinion? I don't think so.

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I really do understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I do. However, its whenever the opinion gets out of hand is when I get upset, as would anyone who has put their entire heart and soul into their work only to have it insulted by someone else. I repeat: insulted. Not critiqued, not reviewed . . . insulted.
So, onward with my rant . . . I was just casually going through my blogs when I noticed that the blog titled, "Writer's Block? Oh what the hell . . ." had a comment. I had expected it to be one of my close friends who liked to send me funny things through a contact box that I had up a while back, but to my surprise, I found this, posted by a user who called themselves kincaid:

"not every writer can be tolkien, king, or for that matter, rowling.
if you're willing to do research, then you'd be willing to step away from the HP Lovecraft reboots i've read twice already.
not a bad review. not a good review. just a plea.
write to write, not to describe :C

getting a few short stories posted is alright. it shows you're willing...just SOLIDIFY your style. and stop the HP lovecraft-every-inch-of-flesh-in-detail-description turns people off."

Allow me to clear a few things up for those of you who'd read that blog and had taken it out of context like this kind gentleman and/or lady: Despite what I had said on the blog, I am not trying to plagiarize the works or the style of the authors I had mentioned, nor, especially, I cannot stress that enough, am I trying to be the sorry excuse for a writer, J.K. Rowling, who fills her plots with endless holes and inconsistencies. Or King, that's even more of an insult to my ability. I was simply using excerpts as a reference. My style is solidified, or I wouldn't be posting things to this website or submitting things to companies. I have been writing for six, closing on seven, years. Of course, I am still young, but that is plenty of time to find and solidify my style.
The other comment that really got me was the comparison to HP Lovecraft, saying that my stories were just "reboots." I have been reading Lovecraft for longer than I have been writing, and I have not found a single thing that resembles Lovecraft's style aside from the elements of darkness and the strange. I also only go into such detail with my descriptions to give those who read my work a clear image of the surroundings and the characters. And it seems as though I have pleased my readers, which has been evident through feedback like this(direct quotes from my facebook fan page. You can find these comments in my "notes."): "This whole story created such a vivid picture in my head that most writers can't do to me lol. Loved it!" and this, "I haven't read anything like that in years. This short little story had more emotion, and more raw energy than anything I can recall. I found myself reading faster and faster. I felt like I was the man locked away, spiraling out of control, ranting on and on. I feel like I don't have a vast enough vocabulary to explain how this truly made me feel. As long as you are doing this kind of work, you have a fan and my respect." I have also gained the respect of and impressed a college graduate who had attended many, many creative writing classes with my story "Lufer-Ma'ar and the Otherworld," who had said that they were pleased to see that my setting was merely a backdrop for the action that took place.

Here is my plea, and I apologize for the lack of professionalism when I say this: If you are a thirty-year-old virgin, using a silly internet alias and eating easy mac in your mother's basement without anything nice to say--and by that, I don't mean if you don't like the stories, don't tell me. I mean, give me a polite, artists' critique--keep your trolling on 4chan. It's not welcome here, and henceforth will be entirely ignored and removed from the public eye. It is dirty graffiti to me and many others.

Thank you,


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