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Time to get cranking again!

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Based on reader feedback, I've decided to write one more Kinshield book to tie up the loose ends (and close the door I left cracked open). Right behind that one is a story that's been burning in my head for eons. I talked about it in my guest post on Nathan Lowell Presents. In fact, I've already lined up the cover artist for that story: Phatpuppy Art.

The wrinkle in this plan is that I now have an agent. An experienced NYC agent who represents quite a few celebs. Maybe nothing will come of it -- and I want a plan in place in case I stay indie.

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  1. MLSawyer's Avatar
    Well done. I think. Let us know how the whole agent thing goes . I'm looking forward to reading The Wayfarer King... just trying to get through the final proof of my book 2... then there's a small matter of my wedding in 2 weeks... but I'm getting there
  2. N. E. White's Avatar
    Congrats on getting an agent! As Terry said somewhere in the forums, "It's nice when folks think they can make a buck off of you." Or something like that.

    Well deserved and good luck with the book.
  3. kcmay's Avatar
    Thanks! I'm happy being indie for books, but when I close my eyes, I dream of selling movie rights!

    ML, good luck with the wedding! May you have a lifetime of bliss with your One True Love!