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Another Job Opportunity

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Field work in Alabama: Be willing to work long hours for little pay, no benefits, and hard working conditions without rights or complaining. Rewards: Knowing that your hard work will keep produce prices down so more Americans can become obese and want to avoid the very job you hold. Apply today!

For further information, see last nights Colbert Report on comedy central.

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  1. N. E. White's Avatar
    Yeah, I thought about that when I heard a recent NPR story on the issue. Kind of funny...sort of.

    Before my family bought a farm, we worked on other folks land, and kept on doing back-breaking work when we got our farm. It's not easy, and I wouldn't do it again. I wouldn't. I would do ANYTHING before going back to that. Well...not anything...but you know what I mean.

    It is true that folks do not know how easy they have it, but it's also true that farming, and the type of industrial farming we do now if not mechanized, is really hard on the body. I think all those young, soft American bodies instinctively know that and shun those jobs (and there's the social status thingy going on too).

    At the same time, though, I don't agree with an open border. If Mexico and the Southern American countries had their acts together, I'd be all for it. But they don't. So an open border doesn't really help in the long run.

    (DISCLAIMER: my father is from Mexico.)

    I'm not sure what the answer is.
  2. Gkarlives's Avatar
    To me the answer is to look before you leap. Don't just assume there is a single answer to a problem without seeing how one thing connects to another.

    We are so use to our cheap produce that we don't understand why it is so cheap. In truth, I don't beleive a lot of people truely understand how our economy or government works and that is why our government is falling apart. The republicans tell people to hate the Mexicans who are taking their jobs but don't tell them that they will have to pay more for their food because Americans don't work cheap or food rots on the vine raising the cost. By the way, for those that don't understand, scarcedy increases produce prices.

    Republicans tell people to vilify teachers because they get summers off and they are sucking off the goverment tit (excuse the expression), which is why goverment is so big. Of course, they forget to mention that teachers are suppose to act as educator, nurse, psychologist, policemen, freind, and if they had there way, priest/moral compass. They also foget to tell people about all the subsidies that highly profitable corporations are getting even though we are being asked to give up everything. They foget to mention all the perks they receive as government officials, which we are paying for.

    In my opinion, Americans need to grow up. Quit acting like spoiled children and letting themselves be lead around by the nose. A lot of my posts deal with these thoughts. I beleive all our problems are fixable but only if the full issue is looked at, not just the most visible part. In addition, we need to stop and recognize our role in the problem. We are not innocent.

    I have worked in the retail industry for over 19 years with 14 in the largest retailer in the world. One of my favorite sayings is "people should have to work for several weeks in some retail store before they are allowed to shop." Then maybe they would understand why things are as they are. It really comes down to empathy. Maybe we need to work in the fields before we are allowed to eat, vote, or pass legislation.
  3. N. E. White's Avatar
    Maybe we need to work in the fields before we are allowed to eat, vote, or pass legislation.
    Interesting. I'm not sure how that would be accepted, but I agree that folks should have a better understanding of when/where/how food ends up on the table. Or, for that matter, our clothes and furniture, our gadgets, our electricity...everything.

    I guess it goes back to that informed citizenry thing...
  4. kevinjaap's Avatar
    Hey I couldn't understand this, so can you explain what exactly the job is??

    Leadership Development
  5. Gkarlives's Avatar
    This was a sarcastic response to the poorly thought out policy enacted by the Gov. of Alabama. This is not an actual offer.