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jacob m mdari


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that you should call me
“hey you unknown”
when not long ago
everything about you had my name written all over
and just the mention of my name
excited your heart and soul

How you look the other way
when we cross paths
it seems you’ve forgotten
how my smile made you sparkle
how you used to look forward
to be with me

you should call me a fool
a good-for-nothing village tin
though it isn’t long ago
you would sit by me
and listen to me for hours
I did mesmerize you, didn’t I?

that you should snob my friends too
what’s their sin?
don’t you remember
how you were eager to meet them
and get acquainted to them
just because they were my friends.

to hear you call me a tramp
when its with my money
you owe your first ever visit to the beautician
and your first cosmetic kit
come to think of it
you’re beautiful cause of my money

you should go around
telling everyone you ditched me
when it was I, who asked you
to find another, who wouldn’t mind your
“give me this, get me that”
“take me here, take me there”

You should imagine
I’ll ever desire you ever again
When I made it clear
Like the man on the red label
I’ll keep on walking
And put the past behind me

That your innocent looks
Should have fooled me
I should have known
You’re a jackdaw, a money taker
Truly, how strange I was fooled
……. Indeed, how strange

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