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Annaren Lessons

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(Zelika Loophole Blog #4)

Annaren Lessons are boring. They help. But they are boring. My friend Irak'gar teach me Annaren while we ride to Turbansk. I still make mistakes.

We are a day from Turbansk now. We fighted more dogsoldiers and one their beasts, but we are okay. I think Hem is in Annar now, so maybe I do not see him or Saliman in Turbansk, but I hope so.

The land is healing. We see birds, real animals, and Bard roads being used again. We maybe travel on Bard road to Annar, though I not Bard. But Irak'gar is a Bard and he talks to our horses. We are fast.

I hope to arrive in Turbansk soon. Perhaps I help with rebuilding for a week or so before go to Annar. I do not know.

~Zelika of the House of Il Aran

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