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The Truth

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Dernhil loophole blog #2: (this does take place before the Singing, obviously my friends)

I have long since figured out my situation- it seems with the help of Silvia and Malgorn I have been cured of my deathly state. Perhaps my lack of profient studies in Magery helped me live and yet protect my friends; that is what things appear to be. I hope with all my heart Maerad and Cadvan are alright.

No one knows I am alive, it seems. Not even my brother Anhil, who was given my 'ashes' to return to Gent. What a miserable existance I now live...

One thing that has comforted me is that I've found my journal at last. Well, actually Silvia brought it from my room, but I digress. It was astonishing to find that nothing had been touch in it, that no one had read it while I was...well, ill. It still has my unfinished poems, my thoughts and feelings of events past. I loathe the dark, for what it has done to this land, to these people. Silvia has told me I cannot return to my room- I must leave Innail until Sharma is destroyed.

It feels good to write again. I've somehow managed to think of this poem in this sickening hellhole of a room I'm stuck in. May the light curse my luck, but may it bless my friends in these hours of darkness.

Lily of Fire
Everything you could have been
Everything you'll be.
Everything you dream about
And everything you see.
All the times you feel so much
And times you let them go.
Times you thought you wanted love
And times you'll never know.
Parts of you, you cannot hide
Parts I'll never see.
Parts that want to be alone
And parts you shared with me.
All these things that make you whole
I loved like no one could.
And this is why I dreamt of you
In ways a lover would.
Love has grown to more than this
Despite my greatest fears.
Take a look behind these eyes
And see the death of me.

~Dernhil of Gent

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Updated March 12th, 2009 at 04:52 PM by kiaga89

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  1. Echowindsong's Avatar
    Dernhil, I am glad to know that you are safe.

    ~ Maerad of Pellinor

    That's beautiful. It's amazing.
    Updated November 16th, 2009 at 04:07 PM by Echowindsong
  2. mystryder's Avatar
    That's beautiful.

  3. Maiablackwolf's Avatar
    What a... I not know words for the poem. I know little Annaren. But it is better than nice, is all I know. I hope you see Maerad again.

    ~Zelika of the House of Il Aran
  4. Maerad(",)'s Avatar
    That's a beautiful poem Dernhil. I'm sorry to keep you away from Innail. I hope Maerad and your family can see you again.

  5. Winterqueen's Avatar
    Humans know nothing of love, yet are always speaking about it.

    ~Arkan, the Winterking