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N. E. White

The Proposal

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Okay. Just so you all know, this is essentially what I put in the proposal.

Point #1 - Which/how many submissions
Winning entries only with up to three total (from the whole year) nominated non-winners (for a maximum of 15 stories).

Point #2 - Distribution
Amazon Kindle

Three potential options. All perfectly viable. Decision can come later, this is no biggie.

Point #3 - Use of logo/website
Working on this...

Point #4 - Copyrights/Money
Anthology rights to (if they participate)
Story rights remain with Author, stories can not appear elsewhere for one year

$10 advance to authors for each submission
Any royalties (after advance is paid) split 60% collective authors/40% publisher

That's it in a nutshell. Keep you fingers crossed!

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  1. MrBF1V3's Avatar
    It sound's like you're getting fairly organized. Forgive me if you've answered this already, but how do we choose the non winners?

    Personally I'd like an option with the possibility of a hard copy, but go with whatever works best.

    Fingers crossed.

  2. N. E. White's Avatar
    Non-winners can be nominated by anyone at or near the end of the year. The editor will have final say on which one of those (up to three for a total of 15 stories) will be included based on number of nominations for a single submission as well as quality and appeal of the story.

    Smashwords seems to be the best versatile e-book publishing option (and more money to us). They have some hard copy publishing options.

    I am trying to keep this simple for now and only do an e-book. It will be formatted in such a way that you can print from home and it produce a reasonably attractive hardcopy. But let's just try to get the e-book first, then we can tackle an actual book!

    Thanks for the support!