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Not all of us

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This one goes out to the rich. I know that not all of you subscribe to the extreme doctrines of the 1%, but I don't see you taking much of a stand against the tide, which may someday swamp you as well.

Just like Americans feel Muslims need to stand up to the radical forces within their society, so do the rich need to stand up against the unbridled greed of their brethern. For those that understand that the current system is designed for short term profits at the cost of the long term viability of our country, say so.

Stop letting the greedy voices of the extreme right of the Republican conversation be the only voice we hear. I am not only saying this to the rich, but to the middle class as well. Stop falling for the propaganda.

1. Supporting their inequitable policies does not mean you will be admited into their club.

2. Taking a stand against their ideals does not mean you will become a pennyless beggar.

3. Greed, for lack of a better word, is NOT good.

Quit letting the darker nature of our society be the only voice the world hears.

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