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N. E. White

Nothing special

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Hey! The blog part of this site is pretty quiet...thought I'd just post for the heck of it. Not like anyone is going to read this.

It's cold out. And I'm coming down with a cold, courtesy of my husband. I'm going for a run now (yes, right now) before I feel too sick to do any running. Guess I'll have to miss out on my Aikido practice until I'm better...hmm...I must have spread my germs to all my fellow aiki-nerds on Sunday night...oops! Ah well.

Oh, yeah! Almost forgot the reason why I wanted to post!

I'm curious about how you all found this site. Hmm?

I did a google search on "science fiction fantasy writing forum" and this here site came up. How about the rest of you? Did a friend clue you in?

Just curious.

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  1. Scorpion's Avatar
    That's funny. I'm about to go for a run too. Have fun
  2. N. E. White's Avatar
    Yes - an excellent run. Made all my symptoms go away. Now if I could just run forever...