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Part One- The Hatchling

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Chronicles of Aarim: War of Ages
Part One: The Hatchling
By: W.T. Anderton

Deep within the peaceful land of Aarim, a dark and ancient foe of the gods has reawakened from an eternity of pain within the Void. When this creature was resurrected it was feared by even the mighty Dragon Riders. The demon sent messages to all the prophets in their dreams and to all the elders in their meditations, telling them of what was about to unfold. For months the prophets and elders dismissed the dreams as mere tricks of the mind, for they knew who this creature was. It was a demonic god known as Luiken who betrayed the Divine Council during the First Awakening and began the War of Gods.
Luiken was supposedly sealed away for all eternity within the Void, and thus visions of his return to the Mortal Plain was almost considered insanity. As proof of his second coming Luiken raised up a race of creatures known to the scholars as the Arukin, the Shadow Spawns. Arukin were vicious reptilian creatures almost forgotten by the Mortal Plain except for in old legends. Their scales were as black as coal, their claws able to easily pierce through steel-plated armor. The Arukin raiders started off pillaging small villages near the province borders, but even that drew the attention of the Five Kings of Aarim.
The Five Kings of Aarim asked for assistance from the Dragon Elder Council of the Dragon Riders, requiring troops to aid their own in a frontal assault against a fortified Arukin stronghold. According to recent reports given to the Five Kings of Aarim by one of their scouts in the area, the stronghold was located at Ulin'Farven, the Mountain of Black Fire. Soldiers of the Five Kings of Aarim marched across the landscape, and soon they became over confident with themselves. The five kings believed that victory was inevitable due to their large number of troops, but they were wrong. Just as the front line of the army arrived at the stronghold they realized that the area was abandoned.
The Arukin did not leave behind any tracks or scents of any kind, making it seem that they vanished from existence completely. Scouts were sent into the stronghold to search for the Arukin in case they fled into the depths of their hellish refuge. Hours passed as the army eagerly awaited their return, but they did not come. Instead the amputated limbs of the fallen scouts were tossed out to the troops, and the Arukin appeared from all directions making it quite easy for them to ambush the gathered troops. The kings and Dragon Riders all escaped, but the normal troops were brutally slaughtered almost instantly by the dimension-phasing Arukin.
Meanwhile, deep within the stronghold of Ulin'Farven, Luiken activated a ritual that would complete the next prophecy of his second coming. From the very confines of the Void he summoned forth one of the first beings ever to be sent down into that hell. It was named Draco'Elgihn, meaning Dragon of the Void. Its scales were as black as midnight, making the Arukin's seem like a dark gray. Its talons were sharp enough to easily cleave through stone, making it a fearsome opponent for any being that stood against its will.
A sharp pain coursed through every Dragon along with their rider when the moment of the demon's resurrection was at hand. They all knew what it meant and fled to the only safe places left in Aarim; Dragon Nest Cove and the Dragon Elder Sanctuary. The Dragon Riders at Dragon Nest Cove then began to plan on how to confront Luiken and Draco'Elgihn since the world was without a Dragon Lord. Again,they were wrong.

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