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The Fallen- Part One

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The Fallen
By: W.T. Anderton
Tale One:
An Angel Falls

Kyria Kathyriana, a female agent of the Isadian Empire as both a spy and assassin, sat quietly upon the roof of her aunt's house. She looked up at the silver and gold stars in the dark sky above and sighed to herself. This place, on top of the city below her, felt like the only true safe place where she could be safe from him. After all, it was her aunt who had taken her in ten years ago and worked hard to keep her continued existence a secret from her father. There was no telling what he would do if he found out she was still alive. Knowing him, he would probably try to finish what he had started with the others of her family.
The night surrounding Kyria, sometimes called “Kat” by her aunt and one other friend, comforted her and soothed her rising emotions. She had finished that night's “mission” successfully, and tomorrow she would be free of the Emperor and her mentally challenged father. The gentle sounds of the night then seemed to suddenly flood over her thoughts and the sweet fragrance of blooming flowers filled her nostrils. Kat could not help but finally relax in the approaching presence of her aunt on the balcony below.
“Good evening to you, dear niece.” Her aunt's melodic voice broke through the nightly noises with a tender gentleness. Kat looked down at her aunt and saw a small spark of youth and passion still in her eyes, warming her own core against the cold memories of the past years.
“It is always a good evening when I am spending it in the company of one such as you.” Kat replied, staring back up at the stars shining a little brighter in the sky. A couple of ones at the corners of her vision seemed to dance and move. When she would look directly at them they remained motionless though. It would just be her luck if her eyes were beginning to betray her, especially since she was an Elf. Suddenly a long forgotten dark thought overcame all of her happiness. She was nearing her coming-of-age and she was still without a partner.
As if her aunt could read her mind from her expressions, she laughed under her breath before speaking to her again. “Do not worry, dear. You shall find the one you were meant to love when our Protector chooses. Kjalourn is a very wise and patient being, not to mention extremely powerful. When the time comes he will deliver your destined beloved to you.” She explained with a warm smile on her face the entire time, thawing the coldness of the thought by a large degree.
“Thank you. I will remain up here and pray to our Protector then for a short time before coming back down. Go ahead and return to your bed, my sweet aunt.” Kat told her, forcing a smile onto her face for the sake of her aunt. She only smiled in response before disappearing from the balcony, leaving Kat to pray by herself.
With a gentle sigh, which merged with the slowly drifting breeze, she returned her eyes to the stars above. The sight nearly took the breath away from her. Her eyes had not been playing tricks on her after all. Above her the silver and gold stars of Aarim danced about each other wildly. Together they created long strokes of merging colors. The scene left Kay staring in awe at the fabulous designs being created in the dark sky overhead.
Suddenly, as if it were a dancer falling out of step, the most brilliant of the silver stars fell from the black sky. At first Kat thought it would simply fade away as if it were a shooting star, but it did not. The star continued its descent as it drew ever closer to the ground right outside the walls of the city. With an earth trembling impact and a blinding silver flash of light with a golden ambiance, the star made contact with the ground below the sky.
Kat was forced to shield her eyes for a moment from the flash of blinding light, but when she lowered her hand she could hardly believe what had just happened. Outside the walls now laid a large crater, but there was no sign of the star inside of the crater. A voice echoing with power and magic suddenly began to speak to her. It was telling her to go to the site of the crater quickly and without hesitation.
As if the voice had command over Kat's actions, she rose up from the roof and began to gracefully leap across the several rooftops of the city. The high-pitched whistles of the City Watch began to sound off in the distance as she drew closer to the edge of the walls. The voice commanded her to hurry once more, and with one final leap Kat scaled over the wall entirely and landed only a few feet away from the crater. Amazement and a slight expression of fear filled her insides as she strode up to the lip of the collapsed ground.
Indeed there was no large stone or glowing star sitting in the cradle of the crater, but instead there was a man. He seemed to be unconscious, but Kat only realized that after she had noticed all of his features. He was very young looking though he had the muscles of a trained warrior. The man was bare chested which showed off his muscled and vibrant chest that almost glowed with magical energy. His hair was a dark midnight color that almost matched the color of the sky perfectly, and it was finally his wings that caught the fullness of Kat's attention.
Attached to this man's back were two wings of gray and silver feathers, each feather reflecting the light of the moon hanging overhead. She had become so engrossed in this man's appearance that she had almost forgotten of the approaching soldiers. With a soft cursed muttered at herself, Kat leapt down into the pit of the crater and removed the man from it. She slowly began to carry his unconscious body through the fields outside of the city towards the home of her friend deep in the woods.
“Thank you, my princess.” Kat heard the voice thank her, and she silently bid the voice a “you're welcome”.
To Be Continued...

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