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I can't sleep. Every time I close my eyes, I always see the little boy named Mark with those hulls. Nothing seems to be able to get rid of this nightmare. Since I can't get rid of it, I'm going to share it. Hopefully this will lighten my burden.

Panic floods through my veins as the Hull leads me outside to the little garden. THe moon is nowhere to be seen, and the stars don't seem to shine as bright tonight. Everything seems to be sick. The trees don't rustle in the nighttime wind, and there are no crickets chirping in the summer night. In front of one of the trees is a fire. Only, it's not like other fires I have seen. It glows a strange color, and seems to be contained in only one spot. Three Hulls, not including the one who brought me out here, wait impatiently as I make my way towards them.

"You have a choice to make tonight boy," spat the leader. His voice was rough, and sounded inhuman. "The time has come for you to join us." He pulls out a long sword. The fire light glints on its edge, but instead of looking heroic, it looks evil. The Hull ran his decrypt (sp?) hand along the blade. Then without warning, he plunged it deep into the Hull to his left. It doubled over, but quickly straightened up as if nothing happened. It grasped the hilt and slowly pulled it out. No blood was on the blade of the sword, but it did seem to be covered with dust. "Now it is your turn," the leader said. He removed a dagger from his belt and handed it to me. With a wave of his hand, another Hull came out from the shadows holding a boy. It was Mark, from the orphanage. He was struggling in the Hull's grasp. tears were spilling over his eyes. His clothes were missing. "Kill him." There was such venom in the Hull's voice that Mark stopped struggling for a split second with sheer terror.
"No," I whisper.

The Hull turned towards me. "Excuse me? I did not ask, I commanded," He said taking my arm roughly. His touched seemed to burn my skin, and I screamed in pain.

"Okay, fine I'll do it," I said whimpering afraid he'll hurt me even more. He released my arm and shoved me forward. I stumbled and after a moment regained my balance. I brought up my hand holding the dagger. Mark's eyes widened in terror. I squeezed my eyes shut, and quickly turn around and stab the Hull through the heart. That is, if he had one. Suprise was visible on his face, but that was quickly replaced with fury.

"You ungrateful little brat," he spat, hitting me acroos the face. I was knocked to the ground. "If you won't do it, then I will." The Hull removed the dagger from his chest and turned to the screaming boy. Without a seconds hesitation, he stabbed him and soon the screams subsided. The Hull holding the boy dropped hi sbody into the fire. All five hulls then turned their attentiopn to me. They beat me, then locked me up in my room.

I guess that didn't help much. And now your all probably sitting there with horror on your face. I shouldn't have posted this. Sorry for ruining your day.

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  1. Maiablackwolf's Avatar
    You did not tell me this. I hope you feel better. Hulls are gone now. You have Maerad, and Saliman, and... it was Cadvan, yes? I hope you going to be okay.

    ~Zelika of the House of Il Aran
  2. Echowindsong's Avatar
    Oh Hem...
    I'm sorry you had to go through this, but things will get better.
    We just have to believe that.

    ~ Maerad of Pellinor
  3. PellinorFanatic's Avatar
    Thank you guys. I hope everything does get better.