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Stone of Tears Real Time Review Part 1

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This is the first of my "Real Time Reviews" in which I will talk about my feelings for a book while I'm reading it. I think this will work better for me as the events that take place will be fresh in my mind. Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: There may (will) be some spoilers in this Real Time Review.

So Iíve started reading Stone of Tears, book 2 in Terry Goodkindís Sword of Truth series. Iím roughly 200 pages into it, and much like the first book, Wizardís First Rule, itís merely okay.

I like the introduction of some new characters, and I also like the new antagonist, the Keeper of the Underworld who is trying to escape into the land of the living. But I also have issues with these two items.

The Keeper is trying to escape to the land of the living through a tear in the ďveilĒ, which Richard (the protagonist) accidentally made while killing Darken Rahl in the first book. This veil is what holds the Keeper in the Underworld. The Underworld is where the dead go. It does not seem like a very good place, as this Keeper is an evil entity. The characters keep saying if the Keeper escapes, the dead will escape with him and all hell will break loose. Okay, cool. Sounds like something that should be stopped. I am totally on board with it. It is unclear to me if this Underworld is where all dead souls go, or just the bad ones. From what Iíve read so far it seems like itís where they all go, but I hope Iím wrong. It seems a little depressing and bleak for people if they believe they go to a place of suffering when they die, donít you think? Where is the motive for leading a good life? Maybe Iím getting a little too hung up on this, but I canít get past it. I wish I knew the deal with it.

New characters. Always good when continuing a series. These new characters have a purpose which seems important. They are women who find young boys with the ďgiftĒ for sorcery. Those with the gift are born with it, and this brings danger. They must be trained to use this gift before it gets out of control and kills them. Again, cool. I am on board with this as well. But I liked these women a lot better when they were called Aes Sedai in Robert Jordanís Wheel of Time series. There are way too many similarities which I will not list here. Iíve seen many message board posts about this issue, but I thought at first people were talking about Goodkindís Confessors being similar to Jordanís Aes Sedai. I couldnít find all that many similarities between those two other than Confessors and Aes Sedai are mostly women, and male Confessors = BAD. The same with Aes Sedai. But when I started reading about these ďSisters of the LightĒ, I realized that this must be what all that chatter was about.

Richard and Kahlan are getting progressively more annoying. They are in love. I get it. Enough with the lame-ass, mushy dialogue. Some of their talks remind me of, ďNo you hang up.Ē ďNot until you hang up.Ē ďBut I wonít until you hang up.Ē

It makes me want to throw up on my shoes.

But thereís something that makes me like the story anyway. I see a good plotline buried in there somewhere, and I want to find out what happens. Maybe itís the TV show that keeps me going with the books. Although I learned very early in my reading of the first book that the TV show doesnít really follow the books much.

More later.

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