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High times, An Alien Paradise

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This is a tale of very enjoyable times at a nightclub/dance-hall/restaurant just after WWII.
Is there a message, though, in this prefect world, about how it should "really" should be?
And then they discover aliens in the basement.
Isn't that kind of like the real world? This book has ideas, answers, mystery, questions, and most of all suggestions.
This book is the result of a magical dream from the Cosmos, that I, the author, experienced.
This was no typical dream. This is no typical SF novel. There are serious messages prephaps from the beyond here. What's going on?
Let's figure this thing out.

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  1. hightimes's Avatar
    The main idea in this story is how we could be living in harmony. This is a science fiction story without the violence, harsh language and treatments of most. Although from a dream, and the need to stick to the story in that dream itself, it is obvious the messages in the story are meant to promote good behavior among human kind. In other words, don't expect a cosmos of waring civilizations in this book.
    The idea in this tale is the exact to get along. However...there is a problem with dealing with life from else where, ET and aliens, expressed in this book.
    The main theme is happiness and great vibrations among all.
    Stay away war lovers, this story isn't for you. It's for the peace loving and kindly. This story gives ideas on how we could solve our differences and get along. But does expose our problems in dealing with the unknown.