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Self-epublishing is getting more common, and it's interesting to go through the process. My husband is the real writer in the family and he does most of the work, but I'm pretty involved, and there's a lot to it. Writing, editing and tuning the novel is the heart of it, of course, but there's a lot more. Covers, for instance. You want something professional, but a professional cover artist is way out of range for a first ebook - you could easily end up paying far more than the book will ever make. Putting together something amateur looks amateur. And you have to worry about license rights for anything you use. Fortunately for us, my husband has some artistic sensibilities, is good with a computer, and can do some respectable looking graphics. He put together some very nice covers out of some stock photos we bought, and some pictures we took ourselves. Then there's the author's website - again, professionals are out of range, and it's easy to make the thing look amateur. My husband taught himself how to construct a website (he used to be a programmer, so not too much of a stretch). Then there's all the business angle (that was my responsibility). Then there's the whole problem of marketing! Wow.

Just being a good writer, which he is, isn't enough. You have to be able to cover all that other stuff in order to be successful. I hope we're getting it right!

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