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David Burrows

Second Edition of The Prophecy of the Kings

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Just issued, the second edition with new cover artwork. Have a look at and check out the reviews.

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A storm of powers has set free the spirit of a dead emperor on a world on the brink of war. Shastlan, usurper and murderer, has destroyed one world and is unleashed on another.
The fate of the world hangs in the balance. The might of Trosgarth is ready to spill forth its armies. The enemy has not been idle and since their defeat in the legendary Krell Wars, new sources of evil have been found. Priests of Ryoch communicate across the battlefield, their shaol (guardian spirits) making them omnipotent warriors. Demons, krell, grakyn and death knights unite to turn the tide of war. In the background Drachar’s shade manipulates both sides, trying to deny the Prophecy from coming to pass.
Into this frenzy, three men, Kaplyn, Vastra and Lars, seek the Eldric. Saviours of the Krell Wars, a race that mysteriously disappeared from the land many years ago; their sorcery was the only power to defeat the demons. Now they are gone and to all effects the people are powerless against the growing threat. And then dragons are discovered. But are they saviours or betrayers? Kaplyn will be taken to the brink of madness in his efforts to save the land, and only then will he understand the full threat that is Shastlan. In a land fraught with betrayal, fear and death, the shadows are deepening.


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Updated November 11th, 2011 at 10:24 AM by David Burrows

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    This is a recent review from

    "Prophecy of the Kings Trilogy is an exciting, easily likeable and fast-paced fantasy adventure, which is difficult to put down once you start reading it. Fans of adventure stories will be delighted by how easily the author keeps the story flowing and delivers plot twists along the way (if you're looking for an enjoyable fantasy adventure, this trilogy will offer good entertainment for a few hours). I can recommend this book to readers who enjoy reading traditional epic fantasy stories, because it's among the best new traditional fantasy books published during the recent years."

    This is a stunning review. It's amongst the best new traditional fantasy books Made me very proud.