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Doubt Revisited

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Many posts ago, I wrote about a story I had in a flash fiction contest here called "The Parable of Doubt". I expressed my reasons for writing the story as being the need for everyone to question the nature of the truths we hold in order to protect against abuse from evil people. Since that time, I have removed the story in hopes of creating a better, more subtle version. Because of the continuing collapse of the veil of illusion that our society has blinded itself with, I have decided to repost the story here until I get back to rewriting it.

I intially targeted the story at the hypocrisy of some of the established religions, but now I see the institutions and trapping of our current Aremican society are equally deserving of this lesson. My own Alma Mada, Penn State, has shown the folly of trusting implicitly in the image of an institution. The banking industry and our own elected officials are but paid actors in the infomercial of the joy of capitalism.

The Parable of Doubt


Robert Garbin

It happened that the Lord Savior was traveling to Hendal in Kalindar during the season of renewal when he was drawn to a man sitting outside the city gate. The man moaned piteously yet no citizen took notice of him. The Lord Savior stopped a wealthy merchant and asked upon the man’s troubles. The merchant scowled while making the sign of the five-pointed star of faith. “Blasphemy, pilgrim, he claims that he no longer sees.”

The Lord Savior then called his disciples unto him and walked toward the man seated outside the city gate. “What ails you,” asked the Savior? “The light of the Father has left me and now I am an outcast for my blasphemy,” cried the man. “Have you spoken to the Temple Elders about the nature of your problem?” the Lord Savior inquired.

“I cannot,” the man replied. “I could not find my way to the Temple for my eyes no longer work. I was unable to avoid my fellow citizens whom took umbrage with my unintended contact with them.” Sobbing the ragged man reached out but did not seem to know from where my Lord Savior spoke.

“Noble sir, I tell you plainly that I am sore afraid for my life. After accosting several citizens with my confused stumbling, stones began to rain down upon me as angry voices filled my ears. Soon, the Temple guards were summoned and I was taken to jail”

“Did you not then have opportunity to bring your case before the Elders?” probed the Savior. “No,” responded the disgraced man. “When they heard of my blasphemy, they would have nothing to do with me. The acolyte they sent to speak to me had me whipped and tossed outside of the city where we now talk.”

The Lord Savior then knelt down before the distraught man and asked, “What would you have of me?” The man trembled as tears ran down his face.

“Noble sir, I am a devout follower of the Father. I have a loving wife and two strong sons whom work the fields with me. Twice a week I go to the Temple to hear the sermons of the Elders. The scriptures they read told us the Father so loved our people that he created the world with the sun ever shinning on his creation. No part of creation would be hidden from us and that we should show the same love to each other. Until a few days ago, I knew no other thought.”

Swaying on his knees the man wailed, “Kind sir, I beg of you a word that will express the anguish residing within my soul! The world no longer makes sense and I have not the word to describe this feeling!”

“The word your soul seeks, my child, is Doubt,” replied the Savior. “This word will be a plague unto all the Father’s children who no longer hear his true word.” Then the Lord Savior took pity upon the beggar. Raising his hand to cover the man’s eyes, he raised a prayer unto his father then removed his hand. Instantly the blasphemer’s countenance changed. No longer did his limbs cast about blindly.

Bowing before my Lord, the man gave thanks. “Command of me as you need my Lord Savior!” said the healed man. The Lord’s disciples were amazed by his recognition of the Savior for none in Hendal had known him before this day. Rising, the Savior lifted the prostrate man.

“Go to the Temple and show yourself unto the Elders. Say unto them that the Father has sent you as a messenger and that their days are short. Let all the congregation see the miracle wrought here in the Father’s name.”

Immediately the man left for the Temple. When he had shown the Elders his vigor, he turned to the congregation and said, “No longer should you trust the words of the Elders without question. The Lord Savior has told me a word sent from the Father for the teachings of the Elders. The word is Doubt.”

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  1. lyrichuffman's Avatar
    The title is really appropriate for the story. It is really necessary for now a days to protect yourself against abuse from evil people.

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