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This is our country!

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I happened to catch a news bit on the Penn State scandal where it was said that one of the children who came forward was being bullied in school for getting Joe Paterno fired. The bullying was so bad that he had to be taken out of school. This is a horrible state of affairs, which is reflected so well in the overall culture of our country.

Taking out your anger on the victim who blew the whistle, at great risk to himself, because you are mad at them for destroying your illusions is disgusting. If anyone deserves that anger, it is Jerry Sandusky. He is the main cause of Joe Paterno's firing. Another cause is Joe Paterno himself, as well as, the people he worked with. Joe Paterno failed to show the strong morals he is attributed with when they were most needed.

I want to tell the parents of these bullies to take a look in the mirror. You have taught your children to respect the lies of evil people in order to maintain the illusion of schools football program. Guess what, it is just a game and is not as important as the rights of a child.

You know what, this is also how we have handled the situation with Wall Street. Instead of Tar and Feathering the CEO's and Republican's that were driving the ship, we vote in Republican's that tell us it is the fault of greedy teachers. We cheer when they tell us that we should let the 1% keep more of there gluttonous wealth while they tell us to give up everything. We give them power through our desire not to destroy our illusions.

Illusions I see:

Moral Superiority
Best Government
Best Economy
Most Freedom

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  1. N. E. White's Avatar
    My heart weeps for the kid that came forward. It is inexcusable what other students are doing to him. I hope things work out for them.

    And, yes, most folks prefer their delusions to reality.