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Tallen - launch today!

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Tallen - Quest of the Demon Aftermath 1 is now available to all.

I have to admit though that the first sold copy went to a pre-order (yes, I had a pre-order) from a fan (an actual fan) who has been bugging her father about the next book ever since she read Quest of the Demon in March! Makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

For my friendly SFF World blog reading buddies pm me as I'm happy to provide free smashwords coupons to those who will give my novel a go and write whatever review you come up with (good or bad, I'm a big girl now).

Here's my newly created Smashwords cover

(it has to be different than my print / amazon cover as that's provided by my publisher)

E-Book can be found;

For those of you game enough to buy a print book all the way from the land down under this can be done through my publisher or my website

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