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Health Care Mandate

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Get ready for a shocker, I actually agree with a Republican! I beleive congress made a mistake in its execution of health care reform by making it a federal mandate. However, I do beleive in the reasoning behind the idea, just not the execution.

Mitt Romney has instituted a mandated program in his state and it seems to be working well. He has also stated that, if he became president, he would not force the program on the country, but let each state choose to enlist or not. I think this is the best way to go.

I suggest making a national referendum for the 2012 Presidential election asking all citizens to make the choice of joining or not joining a mandate. Then sort the results state by state. If the referendum wins in a state, then they get added to the pool of people in the program. If they choose not to join, then they are left out.

Let the competition between states with and without the mandates prove the worth of the program. If states with the program do better than those without, maybe the states without will rethink their choice. If not, maybe people living in those states will move to the ones with the mandate and affect the populations of the detractor states. In other words, let market forces affect the results.

Basically, while a mandate may be a good idea, there is not much large scale data to prove the point. Also, many people do not like change even when things are really bad, but if they see someone else doing better because of a change, they will tend to follow. Let nature run its course.

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