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We Hold These Truths

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I have a question for American Historians. While freedom from religious persecution was part of the framework our founding fathers built into our form of government, was this in any way the impetus for our breaking away from England? There are many political groups that try to brainwash American Citizen into believing that freedom from religious persecution was one of the corner stones, if not the foundation, of our drive toward independence.

If I remember my history lessons correctly; however, the main impetus for independence was taxation without representation. In other words, financial disagreement coached in grander terms. The only reason I mention this is because of how quickly some groups run to the founding fathers to defend their religious encroachments into our national politics and the running of our government. Food for thought.

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  1. noori noori's Avatar
    Thanks Gkarlives. interesting read,
  2. N. E. White's Avatar
    Yeah, you're right! More fuel for the fire...

    Money is the root of all evil, or, at least, change.
  3. chrisbowie86's Avatar
    There is an smell of truth in your article, i hope it will open the eyes of the blinds. Perhaps recently it is reported that the Ethiopian Christians were arrested in Saudi Arabia just for holding a prayer meeting.
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  4. Gkarlives's Avatar
    My thoughts here are not necessarily to put religion down but more to say the direction I see some people taking it is wrong. My biggest problem with the large organized religions is how easily people let themselves be lead even after they are shown the darker side. I see the same problem with many of our forms of government like communism and more recently democracy through capitalism.
  5. A.J.'s Avatar
    I disagree with "...democracy through capitalism...", if you refer to the U.S. What we have right now is not true capitalism, but "crony capitalism". A system where those elected to power help only those who got them there, i.e. Solindra. We are also not a "democracy". True democracy is just "mob rules". What we have is a "Consitutional Republic" which has, as of late, ignored the "Constitution" completely. That has happened because, as you inferred, people for the most part are just lazy sheep who "let themselves be lead even after they are shown the darker side". If I have misunderstood your point of view I appologize.
  6. Gkarlives's Avatar
    You are right on several accounts. We neither have a true democracy or a true capitalist economy. A true capitalist economy would not give companies subsudies or any advantagous tax breaks. They would have to deal with things just like citizens. Just as business wants laws to curb the protections we have fought for then they should have to lose the laws that protect them from us and each other. Buyer be ware for all. The truth is that they only want breaks from the things that get in their way not the things that help them. Many of my posts allude to this.
  7. A.J.'s Avatar
    Do not mistake my opinion for one that is for unbridled capitalism. I believe that corporations today are among the most vile associations in our society. I disagree with anything that allows that much power to be consolidated into so few hands. I will add to my original statement by saying that government, capitalism, or religion is not the real evil, but merely the vehicle that those who crave power will use as a means to an end. I belive this is what you refer to as "the darker side".
    I will also have to go back and read some of your earlier posts so I can reference from an informed position. Also, if I am going to continue to post, I need to create an avitar or something in fairness to yourself and other readers.
  8. amberhikes's Avatar
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