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My nephew

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Last night I was waiting anxiously on the news of the arrival of my nephew.
Finally the phone rang, when I heard the great news I jumped up.
So excited, "He's here my nephew is here."
I'm an aunty for the first time.
Pictures coming through on my phone.
I was so excited, wishing the time would hurry up so I could give him lots of cuddles.

This morning I woke up early, so excited to meet this special little guy.
Hearing mum express how much he means to her that brought tears to my eyes.
All I could think about is how much our lives have changed.
Tears filled in my eyes a few times as I waited to meet him.
It seemed to drag on forever as it usually does when you look forward to something.
Why is it when the time comes it always goes fast?

Finally the moment arrived, I was about to step into the room my nephew was in.
As soon as I took one look, I loved him.
Holding him in my arms I was beaming.
Watching every yawn, every cute little sneeze.
Here is my nephew, I'm actually an aunt.
The feelings so overwhelming.

As I looked down at my nephew I thought here is this little person.
A new life has been born.
No idea what's ahead of him.
The moment I looked at him any negative thoughts were so far in the back of my mind.
I was completely happy being around this amazing new life.
And right then and there I realised how precious life is.

Life truly is a gift.
it may take a new life to make you realise.
He is so innocent, I just wish he could live in an innocent life forever.
I'm going to enjoy every moment I have with this new life.
I'm going to enjoy the experiences of being an aunt.

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