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Varied Thoughts

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Here are some varied thoughts I feel like passing on:

1. I recall hearing that some Republicans and Tea Party advocates liken Social Security to a ponsi scheme where many people need to input money constantly to support the wealth of a few people. Well, my thought is, if that is the case, then what is Wall Street. Large pools of investors sink large amounts of money into the stock exchange, which in the end pays off handsomely for a select few. Sure, many people make a return on their investments, but nowhere near the return for those running the ponsi, oops I mean, investment fund.

2. Here is one for the Christians. I recall somewhere, in either my reading of the Bible or a Sunday Sermon, Christ would say that God has forgiven your sins whenever he healed someone. Many Christians beleive that he was actually taken a persons sins away and that is why they were healed. Correspondingly, they say that ill or downtrodden people are that way because of their sin.

My thought is this, what if Christ was forgiving them the sin of their failing body. As I remember the Bible, man did not know death until after Adam and Eve had eaten the fobidden apple. Our bodies became imperfect and suffered failure unto death. When Christ healed a lame person, he was removing the sin that was at the root of every person, a body subject to fraility and death because of original sin. His resurrection of Lazarus was even more so.

So remember this when you think a sick person deserves what they got, whenever you snap at someone because you have a headache, original sin is causing you to sin even more.

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