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I got my #@*!# kicked by Claudia Christian

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Well, by her character in the game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Legate Rikke of the legion, and of course, I would not mind in real life either. This is one of those funny conundrums of circumstances that can occur in these types of open world games. I was on the mission to retrieve the Jagged Green Crown before the Stormcloaks could and I am a level 43 character. Everything was fine through the first two groups of guards except I did not feel like I was getting to do much. I began pushing to get in there and take some Stormcloaks down. I was using my bow because I learned the hard way that swinging a hulking big sword in a frenzied melee creates hard feelings with your buddies of the time.

The Legion NPCís were mixing it up with the Stormcloak NPCís while I tried to pick some off where I could when I looked behind me to see an archer running toward me shooting arrows. Unfortunately, I thought all the Legion was engaged so this had to be a Stormcloak from another area. Also, with all the action, my HUD was not keeping up and showed me an enemyís stats. So I laid waste upon mine enemy. Had him all the way down but could not finish him. All of the sudden, the Legion is wailing on me en mass until understanding dawned on me. Remembering that if you put your weapons away, they may stop, I holstered my guns; however, I continued to get punished like a rented mule. Luckily, I had very good armor and health. Then I remembered my power of emperorís voice and used it. Everyone calmed down and we proceeded on, everything ok, no hard feelings. I even used healing hands on the guy I thumped, you know, to say I was sorry.

Now we reach the door with the dragon claw key. The legion is just chilling while the Legate Rikke dumps the task of getting us in on me; whereupon, I grab the claw planning to get on with it. Out of nowhere, the Legate starts wailing on me again. Oh snap. What do I do? The legion is just standing there. I canít use the voice again, run. So I did. No good because she was very angry and very determined. Well, some will yield if you beat them down, so I took her to the wood shed. When she was down, I put away my sword and waited. Damn if she didnít pop up fully charged and ready to go, so I beat her down again. She popped up fully charged once more. So I decided to take my lumps and take her down, but I could not. That is when it sank in that she was an important character that could not be killed and would not quit hacking me. Oh well, it was time to let her have her way, which is how I got my #@*!# kicked by Claudia Christian.

Moral of the story: Donít mess with a Nord Legate or Claudia Christian, they will #!@*& you up.

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