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Arrival in Annar

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(Zelika Loophole Blog #6)

Annar is a beautiful place. We arrived today, and I love it already. It is a little bit cooler than the Suderain, so I wear long sleeved shirts and tunics now. It is still spring so some days are bit coldish. Mik is silly. He is skinny and weak to cold but he still wears the same shirt all the time. And it has short sleeves. He has a cold now. I warned him but he listen not.

We see a few children looking dazed. Some wandered this far from Lirigon already. I wonder now if I will ever find Nisrah; there is many young people, and some more old than me, and they all walking in different directions. If Nis is not stupid he going to wait for me, but he is stubborn. He probably wandered. It makes me angry but he is my little brother and-

There is a rider in the distance. It is not a Hull of course, but it is maybe a bad Bard. I must stop writing now and put my head down.

~Zelika of the House of Il Aran

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